Kansas City Jazz & Blues, Past, Present and Future

I got an AsToldBy (ATB) tip from David Basse, JCCC journalism student, ECAVRadio Associate Mgr (2010-11), KC Jazz musician, 12th St Jump feature talent and local radio celebrity about some Jazz&Blues brewing on KCPT.

Kansas City Jazz&Blues, Past, Present & Future will air on KCPT June 30th at 9pm. Check out the way the KC jazz cultural showpiece has developed over the years.

  • Be sure to check out DBasse, at his website at  http://davidbasse.com/ and jam with the whole 12th Jumpstreet crew at  www.12oclockjump.com.
  • AsToldByMiKO will be behind the scenes during the KCPT Fund Drive tonight, Wednesday, June 29. KCPT TV fans, make sure you join us tonight on the pledgelines, or visit the website at kcpt.org at any time, to donate to KCPT TV.

Help support the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in your neighborhood! Support KCPT TV!


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