What’s the KCPT RUCKUS all about?

The KCPT studios have been quite busy with shoots, touring groups and a couple of new creations of sorts. There’s a new Ruckus season and new set on hand at the typically “quiet on the set” scene of KCPT Studio B. The shrill of drills, saws and sanding machines on plywood and 1×4’s, accompanied by ladders, tools, chalk and even an old fashioned projection machine, have been the mainstay on construction days.

Matt McClelland, most often found behind the camera, lighting, etc. has put on his set designer/carpentry clothes, as he builds upon his KCPT set creations. It seems that carpentry runs in the blood of the McCllelland clan. I met Matt’s pops and younger brother, who are masters at refurbishing older homes in the KC area.

Matt’s vision and expertise come together nicely by way of a curvy new Ruckus set design. Add to that some extra elbow grease from interns Johari Russel and me, for a class of carpentry 201. This lesson in cutting edge curve composition is definitely beyond basic carpentry where straight lines generally rule. Matt has designed a set that looks like curvaceous land contours, at least that’s what it reminds me of. This set definitely adds to the flow of the often elevated altitudes of the Ruckus show.

Ruckus is a “weekly political roundtable that discusses the news of the day.”  The host of Ruckus is Mike Shanin. Panelists include: Yael Abouhalkah, Woody Cozad, Gwen Grant and Mary O’Hallaran. Ruckus is a bit diffent from KC Week in Review which offers a review of the news. Ruckus offers a more opinionated discussion, so you can get a first hand taste of what’s up, and what the KCPT Ruckus is all about.

For scheduling dates and times for Ruckus and other KCPT shows, go to http://kcpt.org/tv-schedules/.

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