GEN XL2 – Psyche Out Obesity!

Obesity is a local issue with a national footprint that Generation XL2 talks about.

” Join host Nick Haines in the studio with Dr. Leon Greene from the University of Kansas, and Ashley Davies and Jennifer Straub from PE4life, as they discuss breaking the cycle of childhood obesity through physical education.” (GenXL2 –

Stik Figa is a local rapper who’s putting The Top (Topeka, Kansas) on the map (see AsToldBy Stik Figa ). His “Class of 2000” single is background music for this behind the scenes look at the set up and filming of  Generation XL2: Making the Grade for Physical Education.

No matter where you’re coming from in the KC area, getting the message to kids to lead fun and healthy lifestyles is all good! “We’re gonna work it out! …” (Stik Figa -Class  Of 2000).

The KCPT production crew had fun hanging panels, running cameras and all of the behind the scenes production for Nick and the guests. Here’s something you can do. Tell me how you like:

  1. This Gen XL2 slideshow,
  2. The Generation XL2: Making the Grade for Physical Education episode,
  3. Stik Figa’s music, and/or
  4. Using P.E. to psyche out obesity?

Hey! We’re looking forward to comments, AsToldBy U!

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You’ll find a link to my blog on the side panel of the website. (see: Go behind-the-scenes with a KCPT production intern!)

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