There’s a new bird in town at KCPT TV. This papier-mâché’d Big Bird was born on the creative tables of Reading Reptile “in swell Brookside Kansas City”. Debbie Pettid, is part owner and Reading Reptile’s own papier-mâché artist. Reading Reptile is KC’s oldest independent bookseller, and one of the leading children’s bookstores in the country.

KCPT staff had the honors of bringing the new creation (backward planked and beaked up) back to KCPT TV studios. You can see more of this season’s newest star during KCPT TV fundraising events. Take a sneak peak now to see how the delivery went.

We also saw some Edible Sculptures hand made in Kansas City. These treats made by Ay look more like glass blown sculptures, but it’s all candy and good enough to eat! This candy sculpting is called Amezaiku and the technique goes way back to ancient Japan. To learn more, go to

Tune in to meet KCPT’s newest Sesame Street friend and help support the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in your neighborhood! Support KCPT TV!


2 thoughts on “NEW BIG BIRD in TOWN

  1. That was so fun to see! Thank you for sharing. The woman who runs the Reading Reptile is so amazing. I took my daughter there to see the candy sculpting in action too.

    Yay Reading Reptile & KCPT – love you both!

    S in Brookside

    • S in Brookside,
      Glad you liked our video and thanks for the love. Dr. Debbie at Reading Reptile made the delivery of KCPT’s new Big Bird so comfortable and quick. When we learned that the water had broken (or the papier-mâché had dried), so to speak, the latest addition to the KCPT sesame street family of characters was planked up by truck to the KCPT studios. Look for the newest member of the KCPT family, Big Bird watching over and ever supportive of KCPT fundraising events.


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