Riding the Metro to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

The view of the KC skyline from one of KCATA's buses that goes into the city.

Before arriving at the Gorman talk at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, I’d like to say, it was great getting there.

Here’s another plug for KC public transportation from me. I had to consider whether to take theJO or the Metro to get to the museum. Timing and scheduling led me to the Metro. I got a lift to the Ward Parkway stop, and caught the 51 to the Plaza, with a transfer to the 47, which dropped me off at the 47th St. entrance to the  museum at about 6:30pm.

I had a few false starts, but after checking with the bus drivers, I was pointed to the right bus to take. The wait was a bit more than I had wanted, but it gave me a chance to do a bit of shopping while waiting.

I  road back from the museum by car, so I didn’t do the round trip. There aren’t stops that return close enough to the house for it to be practical for taking the bus at night. I still love the access that the metro gives me to KC during daylight hours.

Choose your transportation connection to your favorite destination at kcata.org and/or  thejo.com.


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