KC Film Festival 2013

There’s a serious renaissance going on in Kansas City. The Kansas City Film Festival is just one of the many attractions entertaining locals and visitors, for another season. The dates of the festival are Wednesday, April 10 to Sunday, April 14 at the functional Alamo Drafthouse Main Street Theatres, 14th and Main in downtown Kansas City.

This year’s film highlights include

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Lost on Purpose, directed by brothers Ian and Eshom Helms depicts the dynamics between a female owner of a failing dairy farm, her renegade ranch hands and the big gun co-op wanting to buy her out.

Directors: Ian Helms and Eshom Helms


KCMO Mayor Sly James speaking at “We Are Superman” screening.

We are Superman, a local documentary, featuring members of the Troost Ave. neighborhood, including Mayor Sly James, explains the politics and economics behind the upheaval of a once thriving Troost Ave. to it’s more recent state.

Not waiting on a Superman to come and rescue the community is the theme of this film, as local leaders partner is rebuilding this still vibrant community.

Director: Kevin Bryce

The Central Park Five, a documentary based on Sarah Burn’s book about the wrongful arrest and

David McMahon speaks about this country's response to innocent until proven guilty.

David McMahon speaks about this country’s response to innocent until proven guilty.

prosecution of five black and Latino teenagers in 1989, who were charged with brutally attacking and raping a white female jogger in Central Park.

These young men’s lives were altered irrevocably when they were forced to succumb to the pressure of the “justice” system, the media and the community.

Directors: Ken Burns, David McMahon and        Sarah Burns

The Kansas City independent film community is emerging as a strategic stopping point for film executives, directors, producers, casting agents and talent. Stay tuned for more exciting film developments.


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