Mobile Health Class of 2014

#tsdemoday has me seeing #techstars!

#tsdemoday has me seeing #techstars!

The Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars Mobile Health Class of 2014 features these 10 Techstars. (From Kansas City Demo Day Mobile Health Class of 2014 program menu):

Akibah – Glucose meter in a smartphone.

  • Presenter – Haroon Ismail
  • @TeamAkibaH

Fitbark – Compact dog activity monitor to help pet owners care better for pets.

  • Presenter – Davide Rossi
  • @FitBark

LifeLine Response – Alerts authorities in case of an attack.

  • Presenter -Peter Cahill
  • @LLResponse

(See additional photos at Sprint Accelerator Demo Day by Bobby Burch at the Kansas City Business Journal

Medicast – Delivers house call doctors on demand, 24/7.

  • Presenter – Sam Zebarjadi
  • @medicast

Ollo Mobile – A wearable (looks like a necklace they’d wear on star trek) voice controlled cell phone that connects seniors to their families and monitors health and well being.

  • Presenter – Hugh Geiger
  • @OilloMobile

Prime – Gives patients instant access to their health data from all their doctors on their phone.

  • Presenter – Tyler Hayes
  • @stayinyourprime

Sickweather – A sickness radar watch that gives real-time info (locations and all) of illness, symptoms, etc.

  • Presenter – Graham Dodge
  • @sickweather – Proactive approach for cases i.e. asthma, heart ailments that id’s patients with critical conditions, providing timely intervention, reducing hospitalization and ER costs.

  • Presenter – Derek Bereit
  • @Symptomly

Tenacity – Peer coaching that uses accountability to change employee behavior, increasing productivity and saving companies money.

  • Presenter – Ron Davis
  • @TenacityHealth

Yosko – Improves patient safety by improving handover communications between physicians, staff, nurses, etc. in hospitals.

  • Presenter – Andriana Nikolova
  • @yosko

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“Smart folks in Boston have Kansas City not only on their radar, but on their speed dial,” he said. “There’s an ecosystem — a bubbling cauldron of entrepreneurialism, and that has real psychic advantages. … There’s a lot of hunger in this city for success. A lot of hunger in this city for people to see others succeed — not just themselves — and that palpable sense of community is missing in a lot places.” – Mark DiSalvo, CEO of Boston-area Semaphore Capital Advisors LLC; (article by Bobby Burch, KCBJ)


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