KCUMB and GenKC present “Grow To CEO” Part II: Universal Compassion

Is that sore throat keeping you up all night? Looking for high quality, compassionate and affordable healthcare in Kansas City? A seven minute zig-zag stroll southeast of the Kansas City University Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB) campus takes you to the newly renovated Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center (SURHC) Downtown Campus, one of the eight locations of SURHC. Part II of this series highlights SURHC and CEO, Hilda Fuentes.

“You have to be intentional.”  

Hilda Fuentes, CEO SURHC

The KCUMB teaching staff and their students work with SURHC. This collaboration gives clinical experience to KCUMB and helps to expand SURHC services provided to the KC community.

Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers anchored in “compassionate and affordable health care to the Kansas City community.” In 1967, the Health Center was the fourth federally recognized health center in the US and the first center opening in Missouri. (See http://rodgershealth.org/?page=about-us-history-of-dr-samuel-u-rodgers-health-center.)

Hilda Fuentes (@samuelurodgers)  at GenKC's "Grow to CEO" panel

Hilda Fuentes (@samuelurodgers)
at GenKC’s “Grow to CEO” panel

A transformational force behind SURHC since 2005 is CEO, Hilda Fuentes. Fuentes has academic training in both Public and Business Administration, executive level background in KC area hospice care and was Director of Development of Cabot Westside, which joined SURHC in 2013. (See http://rodgershealth.org/?page=about-us-leadership.)

Fuentes is managing SURHC changes, which include new facilities and partnerships to service 7200 more patients. She led a successful three year, $25.1 million fundraising campaign.

As part of the “Grow To CEO” panel, Fuentes gave her take on building a culture in the workplace.

“’Universal Compassion,’ … a wonderful opportunity for our organization.” Hilda Fuentes, CEO SURHC

“You have to be intentional,” said Fuentes. “We are in the community talking about health,” she said, referring to the intentional community engagement that her organization practices.

“We call this ‘universal compassion’, which allows us to say, ‘This is a wonderful opportunity for our organization,’” she said.

“Grow To CEO” panelists, Dr. Marc Kahn of KCUMB, Pat McCown, CEO of McCownGordon construction and Fuentes talked about how to create culture and engagement in their organizations in these tweetable moments from the GenKC panel.

Pat McCown (@McCownGordon)

  • “Get every idea from every associate, from the CEO, to the person you meet at the door. You don’t need a title to be a leader. Leadership comes from within.”

Dr. Hahn (@KCUMBpresident)

  • “You can’t teach character and values. Are you involved in the community?”
  • “Some of the ideas that have come from … teams, we’d (KCUMB management) have never thought of in 1,000 years.”

Hilda Fuentes (@samuelurodgers)

  • “You have to be intentional. We are in the community talking about health. It’s not gonna come by itself. We call this ‘universal compassion’, which allows us to say, This is a wonderful opportunity for our organization.”

For these CEOs, giving back to the KC community is an intrinsic part of their mission. How will they continue to provide quality services to the KC community. Will you become engaged in these or similar activities? According to Fuentes, “you have to be intentional.”



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