Never Spray Alone – “Getting Rid of Bugs” – Part II

No Centi smallerOnce you get a bug problem identified, don’t be ashamed! Be aware. Be diligent. I originally used this barrier building procedure while living overseas in Africa, and continued maintenance kept out most pests, including lizards (yes, lizards) and mosquitos.

“Do your homework…”

Do your homework to track and to get rid of bugs. There is a new “organic pesticide” company with quarterly plans in our area. What that means is, they lure you in with a low initial fee and then they make you sign a contract to commit to a quarterly (subscription) fee system that adds up to hundreds of dollars over a year. I chose this option because I wanted quick, professional help with an organic solution, not because I felt it was a reasonable plan.

So many companies are doing this now. For example, I order a great hair conditioning shampoo online. The thing is, if I stayed on their automated shipping plan, I’d never use up the hair products they send. And do you really need someone to come and spray “organic pesticides” four to five times a year? Into perpetuity? Not really! Selah.

“Resist cleaning up the evidence of bugs before they come, if possible … “

Resist cleaning up evidence of bugs before they come, if possible, so you can locate where to spray. Once the company comes out to spray the property, stick with the rep to see where he sprays and show him the spots that you are most concerned about. If the first time is a heavy spray, as it can be in some older homes, leave the house –  overnight if possible! The fumes of even “organic pesticides” can be harmful.

“The fumes of even ‘organic pesticides’ can be harmful.”

The day they were scheduled to return to the house, it rained. I wasn’t sure if they’d come, but they did. I was told that water helps the chemical to work. I stuck with the representative (outside, in the rain … until the lightning began – yikes!) and made sure the building’s base was sprayed (to set up a barrier). I walked him though the inside of the house in the few places where I had seen a few spiders had survived the initial spray. At this point, only spiders (too many to ignore) remained  and I wanted to make sure the bug barrier was maintained inside also.

Next, we vacuumed up the evidence of the bugs, i.e. spider webs, dead bugs and debris. Pay close attention in the following days and weeks to any bugs that you see and where they are located. Since you’re on the payment plan, take advantage of the warranty and bring the company back in to spray for maintenance. This won’t require such a heavy spray as the initial visit. It will help to eliminate any problem bugs that persist.

“If you don’t have bugs, give thanks. If you do, don’t be ashamed. Be diligent.”

If you don’t have bugs, give thanks. If you do, don’t be ashamed. Be diligent. You can get rid of them with persistence and it doesn’t require spraying into perpetuity. Preventative methods like frequent vacuuming, not bringing food outside of the kitchen and dining areas, keeping doors closed and windows screened  so the little creatures don’t creep in.

As the title says, “Never Spray Alone!”  is the operative element here. If you feel you must call in a pesticide professional do so. Communicate with all the members of the house about what’s happening, and with your nearest neighbors if you’re close to them (or not), especially if they have pets. You really don’t want to have to do this again.

“Get help, you don’t have to do it alone.”

If you see this article as a metaphor for your own bug tracking, even better. Get help, you don’t have to do it alone. And FYI, so far, no more centipedes! – Yes!

Below are some suggestions for natural pest control solutions. I don’t claim that these sites clear up any problem that you may have, but I do suggest that you research such sites to get a handle on what’s out there, so you … “Never Spray Alone!”



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