Never Spray Alone: “Organic Pesticides” – Part 1


centipedeHere I was listening to “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi, finishing off an unexpectedly delicious bowl of Power Oatmeal from Panera’s – while eating in the library alone yet surrounded by others – of course. What led me to this pc-station in the local library on this early, cloudy and sleepy Tuesday morning (with a somewhat noisy photographic shoot taking place in the background)?

Had I done my research?

The day before, I’d had the yard and the house sprayed with “organic” pesticides. I left the house as soon as I could, after it was sprayed. What I didn’t count on was the way this organic product would leave my stomach upset and my head woozy, overnight and one day later. I could not get out of the house fast enough!

Had I done my research? No, not really, and the result was me, and my somewhat sensitive immune system saying, “What were you thinking? Were those sporadic ant, spider, occasional centipede and fruit flies sightings really such a problem?”

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KCUMB and GenKC present “Grow To CEO” Part II: Universal Compassion

Is that sore throat keeping you up all night? Looking for high quality, compassionate and affordable healthcare in Kansas City? A seven minute zig-zag stroll southeast of the Kansas City University Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB) campus takes you to the newly renovated Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center (SURHC) Downtown Campus, one of the eight locations of SURHC. Part II of this series highlights SURHC and CEO, Hilda Fuentes.

“You have to be intentional.”  

Hilda Fuentes, CEO SURHC

The KCUMB teaching staff and their students work with SURHC. This collaboration gives clinical experience to KCUMB and helps to expand SURHC services provided to the KC community.

Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers anchored in “compassionate and affordable health care to the Kansas City community.” In 1967, the Health Center was the fourth federally recognized health center in the US and the first center opening in Missouri. (See

Hilda Fuentes (@samuelurodgers)  at GenKC's "Grow to CEO" panel

Hilda Fuentes (@samuelurodgers)
at GenKC’s “Grow to CEO” panel

A transformational force behind SURHC since 2005 is CEO, Hilda Fuentes. Fuentes has academic training in both Public and Business Administration, executive level background in KC area hospice care and was Director of Development of Cabot Westside, which joined SURHC in 2013. (See

Fuentes is managing SURHC changes, which include new facilities and partnerships to service 7200 more patients. She led a successful three year, $25.1 million fundraising campaign.

As part of the “Grow To CEO” panel, Fuentes gave her take on building a culture in the workplace.

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KCUMB and GenKC present “Grow To CEO”: Part I

“A well kept secret …,

KCUMB is one of the leading medical universities

in Missouri.”

KCUMB and GenKC  present “Grow To CEO”

present “Grow To CEO”

The Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB) and GenKC presented “Grow to CEO” in the state of the art, Academic Center of the KCUMB campus on Friday, November 14.

Kansas Citians know that KC is one of the best kept secrets in the US for leadership in many areas. The well kept secret to most of the nearly 100 event attendees in the audience was, 100 year old KCUMB is one of the leading medical universities in Missouri.

How do you keep that a secret?

Dr. Marc B. Hahn (@KCUMBpresident) at GenKC's "Grow to CEO" panel

Dr. Marc B. Hahn (@KCUMBpresident)
at GenKC’s “Grow to CEO” panel

Dr. Marc B. Hahn, 14th President and Chief Executive Officer of KCUMB, and his staff are working to make these facts known to the public.

“KC is a fantastic place,” said Hahn. When people hear about what’s going on here, both the city and the university will be “able to recruit the best and the brightest,” he said.

Hahn’s background includes a wealth of training, various national commissions, agencies and organizations. He served as “site inspector for medical school accreditation for the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation, and as anesthesiologist for two US Presidents, Ronald Regan and George H.W. Bush.” (

These credentials give Hahn an edge in recognizing the potential he sees in KC and KCUMB, as well as for sharing insights on the GenKC “Grow to CEO” panel.

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Top 10 Picks: VOX Series with Angela Hurt and Kate Nielsen

Here are my Top 10 conversational picks from the evening with Kate Nielsen (KN) and Angela Hurt (AH) during Athena League VOX Speaker Series, June 19 at Polsinelli’s on the Plaza.

VOX Speakers Kate Nielsen (On Tap) and Angela Hurt (Veracity)

VOX Speakers Kate Nielsen (On Tap) and Angela Hurt (Veracity)

1. Background Info

(KN) – “I always wanted to make a difference.”    After coming from a non-profit background, “I got burnt out and sick of not being paid.”

(AH) – “I came from a town so small, me and my sisters played baseball in the most coveted positions, pitcher and shortstop,” and never really had a problem with competing with guys.

2. Risk of Leaving/Being Laid Off

(KN) – Being laid off “was the best thing that could have happened to me.” Meanwhile, talk to the company, “they could become an advocate.”

(AH) – A friend made it easy for me to make a decision (to leave). He asked me, “What do you have to lose? … I know 5 companies would hire you tomorrow.”

Questions from the audience

Questions from the audience

3. Conquering Gender Stereotypes

(AH) – Get a great network. (This isn’t gender specific) I could give you 5 bankers who if you have a solid business plan, they know how to get a return on investment.

(AH) – I’m not risk adverse at all. I make very quick decisions, very fast. The women I hang around with, I don’t see them being risk adverse.

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Service with a Twist of Risk: Veracity|On Tap

“Athena League serves as a catalyst to foster and empower aspiring and established female entrepreneurs by providing them with the community and support necessary to succeed.” – Athena League mission

VOX sponsors

Athena League VOX Speaker Series and Sponsors at Polsinelli’s on the Plaza featuring Angela Hurt (Veracity) and Kate Nielsen (On Tap).

Summer and the Athena League VOX Speaker Series are sizzling in Kansas City. Walking into the Plaza’s ‘kool’ new Polsinelli offices on Thursday, June 19, was the perfect way to escape the early summer evening humidity. The event was our tall glass of water (wine or brew) with a twist of lemon. Ahhh, the conversation was transparent and it quenched the networking thirst. So good, you know you’ll want to drink again.

On Tap|Responsive Web design founder, Kate Nielsen, @KateNielsenKate and Veracity Consulting, Inc. CEO and founder, Angela Hurt, were back and forth like brand new besties. Both ladies countered their differing views on work place “transparency,” both shared a tolerant twist on risk and both gave solid shots of advice to the crowd by way of their personal stories and experiences. As is often the case for Athena League Events, the evening was full of sobering facts from savvy business women. The subtle difference, these ladies are growing their technology firms virtually, – no brick, – no mortar – here in KC, and that’s the way they like it.

“Start something, fail and go do something again. The third time’s a charm.” – Kate Nielsen

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Mobile Health Class of 2014

#tsdemoday has me seeing #techstars!

#tsdemoday has me seeing #techstars!

The Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars Mobile Health Class of 2014 features these 10 Techstars. (From Kansas City Demo Day Mobile Health Class of 2014 program menu):

Akibah – Glucose meter in a smartphone.

  • Presenter – Haroon Ismail
  • @TeamAkibaH

Fitbark – Compact dog activity monitor to help pet owners care better for pets.

  • Presenter – Davide Rossi
  • @FitBark

LifeLine Response – Alerts authorities in case of an attack.

  • Presenter -Peter Cahill
  • @LLResponse

(See additional photos at Sprint Accelerator Demo Day by Bobby Burch at the Kansas City Business Journal

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Sprint Accelerator Powered by TechStar Relationships – To Do More Faster!

#tsdemoday has me seeing #techstars!

#tsdemoday has me seeing #techstars!

If I was starting a new relationship column, I’d say check out the relationship model of Sprint Accelerator Powered by TechStars. These are relationships designed – “To Do More Faster!”

Of course, I’m referring to business relationships, and specifically, the mobile health apps that were part of the Kansas City Demo Day held on Thursday, 6 June at the Kaufmann Center in downtown Kansas City, Mo. Mobile health companies swam with KC’s not so snarky sharks, friends and onlookers.

The star power of these techstartups was previewed in the hugely sunlit Kaufmann atrium before the demo. Inside the darkened auditorium there was plenty of laughter, cheers, shout outs, high fives, success and profitability selfied onstage and off by evening’s end.

“One CEO turned down a Fulbright fellowship,” another company is “bringing mobile solutions to children suffering with asthma,” and a third is “empowering people with disabilities,” said Hesse.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, opened the evening with props to the range of personal passions of the 10 companies demoing at the event. “One CEO turned down a Fulbright fellowship,” another company is “bringing mobile solutions to children suffering with asthma,” and a third is “empowering people with disabilities,” said Hesse.

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